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REGISTRATION for ILRN2023 is open! Early-bird deadline April 30th. Presenter registration deadline April 16th. ×
  • The Immersive Learning Research Network (ILRN) is an international nonprofit 501(c)3 organization of developers, educators, and research professionals collaborating to develop a the scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning.

  • Come to iLRN's Ninth Annual Worldwide Conference Online and in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California

    Join us Sunday, June 25th, 2023 for our pre-conference Immerse California Experience!

    Hearst Castle Tour — https://hearstcastle.org

  • Wine Tasting and Lunch at Castoro Cellars — https://castorocellars.com




  • Join our community of research, design, and practice of high quality immersive learning environments! 

    The Foundations of Immersive Learning Research                                           

    Computer Science                                                                                                       Join iLRN Now!

    Game Design & UX

    Learning Sciences

  • ╭──────────────────────────────────────────────────────╮

  • Member submissions of research, design, and practice from the above three areas correspond to fundamental knowledge in the emerging discipline of Immersive Learning. 

    Contributions from these disciplines constitute the foundation or TRUNK of the iLRNetwork Knowledge Tree;  and papers and presentations in these areas are Track 1 of our annual conference.

    The remaining nine tracks of our annual conference are likewise associated with iLRN Knowledge Tree "Branch Houses" of Application. 
     (links to Branch House Forums, open to iLRN members to post): 

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