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  • Project Vanguard: 

    The Varieties of Immersive Learning Experience Showcase

    through Alternate Reality Game design, research, and play!

    An iLRN Immersive Futures, iLEAD, & Knowledge Tree Project

    Join iLRN on a brand new Tech4Good Mission! iLRN is the professional association dedicated to the advancement of immersive learning to benefit humanity and our world. We’re looking for open access, immersive games and experiences to be part of our inclusive and experiential community design research on Alternate Reality Games for Learning. 

    Submit your serious games, digital learning projects, and immersive experiences of all kinds as “nodes” in our iLRN2024 Alternate Reality Game called, “Project Vanguard”.

    • Submit your open access project as part of our publicly accessible showcase of the variety of immersive experiences…  

    • which will also be the landscape for our iLRN2024 Alternate Reality Game, in partnership with Hitcher Encounters and others!

    • and live on as a persistent, growing database of immersive learning experiences for our nonprofit network!

    • Join the dialogue and participate in the scholarly, design, and education discussion leading to peer-reviewed publication!  


      As part of our conference activities, we have partnered again with our friends at Hitcher Encounters, an immersive entertainment company.

      Project Vanguard is a missing person mystery where players will follow a series of clues to find out what happened to Dr. Catriona Bryce, a fictional colleague of iLRN CEO Jonathon Richter.

      The clues will be found inside of several of the projects submitted to the Immersive Learning Showcase. If you’d like to be included in the alternate reality game (ARG), please give us some ideas for clues we could use.



    1. Do you have a completed open access project or one in development expected to be completed by June 2024? 

    - OR -

    1. Gather your team, start now and create something - there’s time! 

    - OR -

    1. Impossible to submit your game because of firewalls, platform, location, permissions, etc? — SUBMIT A VIDEO! (... let’s find something in your video demo to use as a clue for the ARG!)

    With your collaboration, following submission, we’ll integrate your immersive experience project into the narrative (no need to change pre-existing, completed immersive learning projects. Together, we’ll find a place somewhere in your game or immersive experience where players will pick up a “clue” as part of the ARG!). Players of iLRN’s Project Vanguard Alternate Reality Game will then be directed to and engage with your network member submitted experience as part of the ARG journey - discovering your design and interface and finding “clues” as critical and extended parts of the game play and narrative,  highlighting the capabilities and accomplishments of your unique experience. 


    We have seen incredible work from our member presentation over the last decade. We’re committed to collecting these experiences in one place to help the world learn about immersive learning and how it can be applied effectively. 


    If you've created an immersive learning experience, we would like you to submit your project to our new Immersive Learning Showcase database, which will be a publicly available resource full of real-world examples of immersive learning that can be used by designers, educators, and other professionals.

    We will then pick some of the best submitted projects to be part of our Alternate Reality Game (ARG), a missing person mystery game that encourages players to play through different submitted experiences to find clues.

    Basic Requirements:

    • All submissions must be free, publicly available, and safe from malware or tracking.

    • You must have obtained all rights to use and share the content within the submission. Creative Commons or similar license documentation required.

    • You must host your own submission. iLRN does not offer hosting space.

    • You must create a short video about your project. See video requirements below.


    Video Requirements:

    Videos should be 3-5 minutes in length. We will upload it to our YouTube channel in a special immersive database playlist. Your video should cover the following topics:

    • A description of the game or application.

    • The technology used.

    • How it demonstrates the use of immersive learning.

    • The educational potential of the project.

    • A brief walkthrough or playthrough.

    Preferred Features:

    • I.D.E.A.S. (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Social Justice). At iLRN we are committed to ensuring accessibility to all, inclusive of diverse contributors and players of all abilities, and prioritizes equity in social justice among all stakeholders.

    • Diversity of XR Representation. The database is designed to showcase the diverse world of extended reality (XR) for good learning purposes.

    • Focus on Learning Potential. Submissions should emphasize the educational potential of your project. You don’t necessarily need to have performed formal research.

    • Web-accessible. Ideally, your application can be run from a web browser. This is to maximize the number of people who can run your project.


    Clue Requirements:

    • The clue must be a word or words that can be typed in as plain text.

    • The clue should not be too easy to find. Ideally, a player would experience your immersive project for 5-10 minutes to find the clue.




    Submit your immersive experience to the iLRN2024 Project Vanguard Alternate Reality Game. The submission form is available on EasyChair. https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=ilrn2024 (Select the ARG track). The deadline for submission is February 15, 2024.


    If you have any questions, please email vanguard@immersivelrn.org.


  • iLRN's "Varieties of Immersive Learning Showcase" will provide the public with the growing galaxy of possibilities for learning through immersion.
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