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  • Call for Conference Volunteers

    We are looking for volunteers to help us with running both the online and in-person conference. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at volunteers@immersivelrn.org. Include the position(s) you are interested in.

  • Online/Hybrid Team Volunteers

    Info Desk / Greeters

    • Occupies a space / “desk” in the virtual environment for the online conference for guests arriving 
    • Provides a warm, excited REAL PERSON hello and welcome to everyone: sets the tone of professional and innovative / honest and friendly! 
    • Greeters placed near spawning points for various virtual conference interaction points.
    • Uses iLRN info and knowledge to direct questions and provide context for drop in guests
    • Manages and facilitates the electronic Welcome Message Board on Discord during all active online and Scotland conference times.
    • Takes note of any attendee questions and dispatches to the appropriate channels. Often facilitates following up with the attendee in question.
    • Performs basic tech troubleshooting and triages guests to access the iLRN Discord for TechTeam to address more difficult issues. 

    Virtual Adventure Support Team

    • Facilitates Virtual Adventures set up and organization
    • Collaborates with Virtual Adventure Guides to support guest experiences
    • Prepares for tech troubleshooting and/or learning-outcomes related issues within the Guided Virtual Adventure. 
    • Actively participate in the Guided Virtual Adventure/s to support the Guide/s and interact in supportive ways with guests. 

    XR / UX Integration coordinators

    • Participate in piecing together the selected set of platforms, locations, websites and apps to create a unified iLRN conference experience.
    • Identifies guest pain points and spots in the program in need of development or repair - reporting to the Online Conference team via Discord and playing a key role in implementing solutions.
    • Works with iLRN conference online team to create a smooth, accessible, and engaging online experience. 
    • Focuses on anticipating conference access or participation issues improving the myriad transitions between media across the conference experience, this team collaborates with the Accessibility and Inclusion Chair and brainstorms solutions for rendering iLRN2024 events and presentations more effectively, more smoothly. Better!
    • Helps create and improve clear, easy-to-follow instructions for online iLRN conferences
    • Liaises between Info Desk / Greeters and Tech Support Team to put in place measures to reduce repeated visitor challenges.
    • XR / UX experience required. Please send a CV with your application.

    Feedback & Evaluation Team Members

    • Helps organize feedback opportunities during each conference session and conference for participants (surveys, forms, suggestions, etc.)
    • Directs conference participants to session feedback, conference suggestion boxes, and evaluation forms throughout the conference.
    • Encourages people to give feedback in a trackable way
    • Assists in compiling and reporting on conference and session evaluations

    Tech Support Team

    • Needs to have good technology hardware and software skills - as well as good communications skills
    • Monitors Discord for technical questions and issues for assigned times during the online conference
    • Collaborates with platform owners and administrators on accessibility, technical, and security issues, as needed
    • Checks email for technical questions and issues from those who cannot access Discord
    • Interacts with iLRN technical team to alert them to problems and get status of any ongoing issues.
    • Tech Support experience preferred. Please send a CV with your application.
  • In Person Volunteers in Glasgow, Scotland

    Signage / Atmosphere / Groceries Wizards

    • Helps improve iLRN2024 “wayfinding” and atmosphere by organizing signage placement for rooms with sessions each day in coordination with Accessibility and Info Desk team.
    • Helps create & monitor a welcoming and engaging iLRN2024 through attention to environments with banners, ornamentals, stickers, flyers, etc.L
    • Assists conference leadership on any food or drink purchases not taken care of by university catering and staff. 

    Registration / Info Desk managers

    • Assist special guest, presenters, and attendees with registration
    • Provide clear communication and resolve any registration issues that may arise either by resolving the problem directly or contacting other teams within iLRN better equipped to resolve the issue
    • Ensure special guests and presenters have all the necessary information about logistics, schedules, and accommodations at time of registration to ensure a smooth conference experience
    • Manage the Info Desk team and coordinate with other teams within iLRN

    Presenter and Conferences Support Team

    • Coordinates with presenters, and assists with any technical needs.
    • Assists with the presenter's audio-visual presentation aspects ensuring it is visible to the audience.
    • Provides timekeeping support by ensuring that presentations stay within the allocated time.
    • Provide assistance to the session moderator.
    • Pay special attention to keynote and features speakers, making sure they are comfortable and supported. This may include running errands.

    Photographer / Social Media coordinator/s

    • Promote the conference on various social media platforms/communication channels
    • Create and schedule engaging content to build excitement and community throughout the conference
    • Engage with attendees and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner
    • Monitor analytics to optimize social media presence and engagement
    • Collaborate with the other teams to ensure consistent messaging and branding
    • Assist with the allocation of photographers and videographers during the conference

    Awards Ceremony Team

    • Collaborates with other iLRN volunteer teams to handle conference logistics and set-up (Namely: Technical Support, Vendor Support and Accessibility).
    • Enhances the venue with banners, backdrops, and thematic elements for the Award Ceremony.
    • Helps co-create and coordinate a Run of Show / cue sheet of the order & timing of events throughout the program.
    • Arrange for trophies, certificates, or plaques for winners.
    • Facilitates presentation of awards.

    Accessibility and Info Desk Coordinator/Team:

    • Provide general information and resolve issues for all attendees at the help desk (such as schedules, way-finding, and general information regarding the conference).
    • Ensure the conference is accessible and inclusive for attendees with disabilities
    •  Coordinate accommodations such as wheelchair ramps, sign language interpreters, arrangements for service animals, and signage that assists attendees with low-vision, etc.in conjunction with the efforts of the Signage/Atmosphere team.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve issues for attendees including any accessibility-related issues during the conference
    • Collaborate with the Vendor Support team to ensure accessibility

    Vendor / Sponsor support team

    • Act as the initial point of contact for all vendor services and interactions.
    • Collect all necessary documentation for iLRN records regarding the vendor information.
    • Collaborate with the venue and vendors to ensure accessibility in conjunction with the Accessibility & Info Desk team
    • Maintain clear communication with other iLRN volunteer teams  as needed to resolve vendor's issues and questions.

    Feedback & Evaluation Team

    • Receives feedback during conferences from participants
    • Communicates with other iLRN volunteer teams to improve conference experience for all attendees.
    • Directs conference participants to feedback and evaluation forms
    • Encourages people to give feedback in a trackable way

    Tech Support Team

    • Monitors Discord for technical questions and issues
    • Collects all relevant User’s Manuals and Technical Information for each platform in the conference ecosystem to organize and share with the team on Discord.
    • Checks email for technical questions and issues from those who cannot access Discord
    • Signs up to work at least one three-hour time block scheduled during peak attendance hours, throughout online and Scotland conference gatherings.
    • Using a basic ticketing and triage system, works with iLRN2024 attendees to help troubleshoot and resolve technical complications impacting attendance and participation.
    • Interacts with iLRN technical team to alert them to problems and get status of any ongoing issues.

    iLRN HQ setup person

    • Ensures that the iLRN conference is prepared for attendees and presenters during the event.
    • Assists with conference logistics, setup and teardown, provides internal customer service and support to iLRN volunteer teams, and ensures conference areas are clean and organized.
    • Organizes and leads the conference volunteer teams by communicating goals, delegating tasks, and overseeing the entire conference preparation and execution.
    • Facilitates venue set-up by overseeing or participating in the unloading equipment and placing or allocating material resources for the conference (tables, chairs, brochures, maps, flyers, displays, equipment installation, etc.). 
    • Ensure that all safety standards and fire guidelines are followed during set-up.
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