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  • Doctoral Colloquium (DC)

    Graduate students from across the disciplines are invited to join us at our annual Doctoral Colloquium (DC) which is part of the 10th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2024). The Doctoral Colloquium session will take place online (June 3 - 5, 2024) and/or in person in Glasgow, Scotland (June 10 - 13, 2024). A decision on this will be made based on the preferences of the participants.

    The scope of the iLRN 2024 DC encompasses all areas of VR/AR/MR (XR) and immersive learning research, with contributions being peer-reviewed scholarly papers of 4 - 7 pages in standard Academic conference paper format, whose lead or sole author is a student. Both doctoral level as well as master’s by research students/candidates are eligible to submit to the DC.

  • Benefits of participation

    The iLRN 2024 DC will provide graduate-level students who are either planning to undertake or currently undertaking VR/AR/MR (XR) and immersive learning research as part of their studies with a platform to:

    • Build their networks by connecting with other scholars both synchronously through online and in person sessions, as well as asynchronously through iLRN’s Discord server and social media groups/channels;
    • Obtain early visibility for their proposed and/or ongoing research;
    • Solicit constructive feedback on their work, with the feedback being provided by graduate students, for graduate students.

    Alternatively, if you’re not ready to present, feel free to join us, meet other students and researchers and get feedback and support from the iLRN community!

  • Submission, Review and Publication

    The Doctoral Colloquium is part of the Academic Stream of the conference.  To apply for the DC, you have to submit a paper through the EasyChair system, following the submission guidelines described in the Call for Papers. In the submission process, you can decide if you want your paper to be published in the iLRN2024 WiP and DC Proceedings. These proceedings are published with DOIs on the iLRN publication website and not indexed). We warmly recommend publication, but it is optional for DC submissions.

    DC submissions go through a double-blind peer review process, in which the following criteria are applied:

    • Contribution to Immersive Learning Research
    • Originality and Innovation
    • Methodological/theoretical rigor
    • Claims/Conclusions
    • Language and academic writing style
    • Anchored in relevant literature
    • Compliance with style/formatting and referencing guidelines

    For examples of DC papers, see the iLRN2023 WiP and DC Proceedings.

  • Presenting your work

    Authors whose papers are accepted for the DC will each be required to present their work and engage in a moderated discussion during a designated DC session. In the presentation, they are asked to describe their research or proposed research (including the topic, the XR technology(s) that are being used, the gap they are addressing, the methods and analysis techniques, where they are in their research process and, if applicable, findings and implications; they can also provide a guided tour of the XR system they are using). In addition to the other DC candidates, more experienced researchers will attend the DC session as mentors. Participants will be given an opportunity to receive feedback from other session attendees. The focus of the DC live session is on exchange and discussion, including the opportunity to discuss potential questions and issues the students are facing.

  • Registration

    See the Fees and Registration website for more information on registration fees. For DC contributions with intention of publication in the iLRN2024 WiP/DC conference proceedings (not indexed), the “Academic Paper Author & Presenter (Student)” category applies.  For DC contributions without intention of publication, registering in the category “Doctoral Colloquium Presenter not publishing in the proceedings” is possible.

  • Contact

    Inquiries regarding the iLRN 2024 Doctoral Colloquium may be directed to the DC Chairs at ilrn2024.dcchairs@immersivelrn.org.

    Please note that paper submissions cannot be accepted via email. Papers should be submitted online via the iLRN EasyChair submission system.

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