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  1. iLRN Plagiarism Policy 1.0

    This document describes the iLRN Plagiarism Policy for Conferences, including guidelines for the proper use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).



  2. iLRN Volunteer Handbook 2.0

    This document is the iLRN Volunteer Handbook. We provide this handbook to help volunteers be successful, understand expectations, and know where to go for assistance. 



  3. 2021 State of XR and Immersive Learning Report

    This is the inaugural edition of The State of XR and Immersive Learning Outlook Report, published in the Summer of 2021.
    iLRN's State of XR & Immersive Learning Project involves a Delphi-inspired environmental scanning and forecasting exercise in the vein of the well-known Horizon Report series (previously published by the New Media Consortium). Each year educators, education leaders, researchers, technologists, and others representing diverse learning sectors and contexts are selected to join an esteemed global panel of experts, and invited to contribute their perspectives and research on applications of XR and immersive learning technologies. Their discussions and deliberations over the course of several months serves as the springboard for the production of an official report, published under a Creative Commons license by the Immersive Learning Research Network, that showcases the findings. 



  4. iLRN 2023 Camera-ready Templates and Formats

    iLRN 2023 Camera-ready Templates and Formats



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