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Tribute to Dr. Catriona Bryce

In the world of academia, there's a noticeable absence, a void that echoes through the virtual corridors of iLRN . It's the void left behind by our very dear Dr. Catriona Bryce, a visionary whose brilliance lit up the fields of immersive learning and interaction design. More than just a scholar, Dr. Bryce was a pioneer, unafraid to push the boundaries of traditional education. Her inventive research went beyond the ordinary, creating a wealth of technological innovations that promised to re

Leela Stanford

Leela Stanford in Tribute

Submit Your Work to a Special Issue of the Journal of Applied Instructional Design (JAID)

A SPECIAL INVITATION for iLRN designers, practitioners, and researchers. We are pleased to circulate announcement of a Special Issue on "Designing Extended Reality (XR) for Authentic Learning" in the Journal of Applied Instructional Design (JAID). For this special issue, the editors are interested in presenting current research in applied instructional design methods for utilizing VR, AR, MR, and other immersive technologies to foster authentic learning experiences. They invite artic

Michael Hamaoka

Michael Hamaoka in News

Should iLRN remain on Twitter?

We've been back and forth with the Twitter. As many of you know, while Twitter has always been a place for loud and opinionated forms of expression, the platform has become more acerbic, more permissive (even supportive) of negative, exclusionary, and inflammatory stances over the past few years. While we still find a lot of community potential there, the garbage-to-nutrition ratio has just reached a point where we are openly questioning its utility any longer. We've looked at Mastodon, and many


jonathon in iLRNetwork News

iLRN Workshop: Getting Started with Instructional Design with VR

Ready to dive into instructional design for virtual reality? This 3-part workshop series is the perfect launchpad for beginner immersive learning designers.  Whether you have prior experience or not, this series will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to design and evaluate VR learning experiences. Early bird pricing is still available! Take advantage of this opportunity to gain a solid foundation in instructional design for VR and be prepared to create effective learning exp

iLRN2022 Immersive Design Recommendations Released!

During the iLRN 2022 Conference, the network hosted a number of online & face-to-face workshops to contribute to the IEEE Technical Committee on Immersive Learning Environments. Here are the results!   The Immersive Learning Research Network hosted a series of brainstorming and collaboration workshops as part of the network's collaboration with the IEEE Technical Committee on Immersive Learning Environments during their 8th annual conference online and in Vienna, Austria last Sprin

Anasol Peña-Rios

Anasol Peña-Rios in News

Welcome to Paula MacDowell as iLRN's Director of Practitioners!

Paula MacDowell of the University of Saskatchewan joins the iLRN Board of Directors overseeing the network's emphasis on educators and other practitioners of XR & Immersive Learning technologies! Paula MacDowell, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She is a recognized leader in designing immersive learning experiences alongside students, teachers, and communities. Specializing in Educational Technology and Desi

Michael Hamaoka

Michael Hamaoka in News

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