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Welcome to Paula MacDowell as iLRN's Director of Practitioners!

Michael Hamaoka


Paula MacDowell of the University of Saskatchewan joins the iLRN Board of Directors overseeing the network's emphasis on educators and other practitioners of XR & Immersive Learning technologies!


Paula MacDowell, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She is a recognized leader in designing immersive learning experiences alongside students, teachers, and communities. Specializing in Educational Technology and Design (ETAD), her research interests include immersive learning, emerging technologies, instructional design, and environmental and sustainability education (ESE). She is the co-editor of Immersive Education: Designing for Learning, which focuses on designing and being a designer of immersive education. Paula serves as the Practitioner Co-Chair for the annual iLRN conference and is excited to join the iLRN Board as Directors of Practitioners.

“I am delighted and honored to join the iLRN Board of Directors. Immersive learning is a source and reason for innovation, inspiration, and change in education and training. The iLRN Practitioner Stream uniquely contributes practical examples and evidence of immersive education that works; and what needs to be improved. iLRN practitioner research moves beyond isolated lab studies to situate immersive learning in specific K-12, higher education, work-based, and industry contexts. We are building momentum with leading-edge interdisciplinary research and practice and would love to have you join our immersive learning community.”

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