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  • The world as we know it is in jeopardy. Rumor has it that the sinister Dr. Roberto Nasir, who mysteriously disappeared six months ago, is back and ready to launch his latest invention, Genesis. Moreover, our expert group of data scientists have just reported that he is looking to hire participants for his final set of trials for this ‘world changing’ machine. 

    Hitcher Encounters has joined hands with iLRN in this race against time and we are looking for the most intellectual, adventure seeking recruits to protect innocent lives and stop this evil scientist. Does this sound like you?

    Join a global team of high performing individuals to track and bring down one of the most dangerous fugitives of the scientific community. 

    Genesis, Hitcher Encounters’ latest metaverse AR experience, welcomes all adventure loving immersive tech enthusiasts and novices.

  • Dear iLRNetwork Game Designers, Computer Scientists, and Educational Technology Researchers,

    One highlight of this year's Immersive Learning Research Network conference is our exploration of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) for learning! During the online portion of the conference last month, we featured a session with learning games experts Kat Schrier and Matthew Farber, Ed.D. uncovering and exploring this interesting, often quite mysterious and untapped form of immersive learning experience (on iLRN's YouTube channel: 


    As part of your iLRN2023 experience, we invite you to play Genesis, iLRN's Alternate Reality Game developed in partnership with Hitcher Encounters https://www.immersivelrn.org/ilrn2023/alternate-reality-games .
    Taking place 17 June, this game will live Alternate Reality Game will pit you and four (4) team mates against one of the world's greatest masterminds - a brain ready to exploit these emerging technologies for terrible purposes - and give us a shared experience for continued scholarly and fun exploration of design-based discussion of ARGs for the betterment of good in the world! 
    For all registered attendees (whether online or in California), this opportunity is FREE, included in the cost of your iLRN2023 registration. Thank you for supporting our nonprofit mission to map the landscape, adventure & explore new discoveries in immersive learning with your volunteer work and your money. Your contributions and participation are most important to us. 
    Please note, that we are also opening the game up to the public, for a $10 ticket price.

    Genesis (iLRN's Alternate Reality Game) day

    is Saturday, June 17th

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