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  • Doctoral Colloquium (DC)


    Graduate students from across the disciplines are invited to join us at our annual Doctoral Colloquium (DC) which is part of the 8th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2022). The live presentation session of the Doctoral Colloquium will take place at the iLRN Virtual Campus, powered by Virbela, and additional in person activities will take place in Vienna. The iLRN annual conference is the premier scholarly event focusing on advances in the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and other extended reality (XR) technologies to support learning across sectors and contexts. The conference is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society.

    Scope and eligibility

    The scope of the iLRN 2022 DC encompasses all areas of VR/AR/MR (XR) and immersive learning research, with contributions being peer-reviewed scholarly papers of 2 to 3 double-column pages* in standard IEEE conference paper format, whose lead or sole author is a student. Both doctoral level as well as master’s by research students/candidates are eligible to submit to the DC.

    Authors whose papers are accepted for the DC will each be required to:

    1. Create a pre-recorded video of no longer than 7 minutes in length describing their research or proposed research (including the topic, the XR technology(s) that are being used, the gap they are addressing, the methods and analysis techniques, where they are in their research process and, if applicable, findings and implications; they can also provide a guided tour of the XR system they are using). The video will be publicly available, so that everyone can (and should!) get an insight into each other's research before the live presentation and discussion session.
    2. Give a live presentation and engage in a moderated discussion during a designated DC session. The live presentation should be a short (2-3 minute) overview of their work. Think of this as an elevator pitch, keeping it brief and to the point. Participants will be given an opportunity to get feedback from other session attendees. The focus of the DC live session is on exchange and discussion, including the opportunity to discuss potential questions and issues the students are facing. The live presentation will take place online at the iLRN Virtual Campus.


    Alternatively, if you’re not ready to present, feel free to join us, meet other students and researchers and get feedback and support from the iLRN community!

    For DC participants attending in person in Vienna, there will be additional (fun!) activities.

    The Doctoral Colloquium is part of the Academic Stream of the conference. There are two options for submitting a proposal to the DC:

    1. Research paper for publication and presentation at DC. This option is intended for students who wish to publish a peer-reviewed paper in the IEEE conference proceedings. For more information on preparation and submission, see the the information above under "Academic Papers and Posters", including the template to be used and the link to the iLRN Conftool submission system.
    2. Proposal for presentation at DC without paper publication. This option is intended for those who are interested in presenting/sharing and soliciting feedback on your work/ideas without publishing a paper. We suggest you follow the steps above under "Academic Papers and Posters" to prepare your submission. However, because your paper will not be published, usage of the IEEE Template is optional. You can describe your submission in a different format on 1-3 pages. Please provide information about the (theoretical) background, methods, (preliminary or expected) results and discussion of your research (plans). To participate in this modality submit your contribution via the iLRN Hub submission form in the link below: https://immersivelearning.toucantech.com/surveys/submit-ilrn2022-dc. Please note that submission to the iLRN Conftool is not needed for this option.


    Benefits of participation

    The iLRN 2022 DC will provide graduate-level students who are either planning to undertake or currently undertaking VR/AR/MR (XR) and immersive learning research as part of their studies with a platform to:

    • Build their networks by connecting with other scholars both synchronously on the iLRN Virtual Campus—which is capable of hosting thousands of concurrent users —as well as asynchronously through iLRN’s Discord server and social media groups/channels;
    • Obtain early visibility for their proposed and/or ongoing research;
    • Solicit constructive feedback on their work, with the feedback being provided by graduate students, for graduate students.

    Paper submission and review

    Please see the information above under "Academic Papers and Posters" for guidance on preparing and submitting a paper (including the template to be used; mandatory for paper submissions with intention of publication through iLRN ConfTool, optional for proposal submissions without publication through the iLRN Hub form), as well as for a list of review criteria according to which paper submissions will be evaluated.

    Guidelines for videos and posters to accompany accepted papers can be found in the Presentation Requirements and Materials section of this web site.

    Registration requirements

    For DC contributions with intention of publication in the conference proceedings (submission through ConfTool), the same registration requirements as those in the Academic Stream apply (described above on this page; student rates are available). For DC contributions without intention of publication (submission through iLRN Hub form), registering in the category “Doctoral Colloquium Presenter not publishing in the proceedings” is possible. See Fees & Registration for more information.


    Inquiries regarding the iLRN 2022 Doctoral Colloquium may be directed to the Student Forum Chairs at *****@*****.org.

    Please note that paper submissions cannot be accepted via email. Papers should be submitted online via the iLRN ConfTool submission system (link to which can be found above under "Academic Papers and Posters") or the iLRN Hub submission form (depending on submission option).

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