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What are the Key Questions to ask for Assessment of Immersive Learning?

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Asking the right questions is often so important to arrive at the best answers.

For the Spring (Conference) Issue of the iLRN Quarterly, we're asking everyone across the network to weigh in on the question, "What are the key questions to ask for finding out "What Works" in Immersive Learning?".  

We want to hear from YOU, whether from a Research, Design, Teaching, Futurist, or Industry perspective! 

Each Geographic Chapter, House of Immersive Learning Application, and iLRN Initiative has this question for the next month and a half (through April). 

Individuals with the best responses will receive iLRN Member Points and their quotes published in the Spring iLRN Quarterly. Clubs with the most responses will also receive accolades! 

C'mon, iLRNetwork... "What are the key questions to ask for finding out "What Works" in Immersive Learning?"

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As an educator and instructional designer, I tend to consider learning objectives and outcomes as a base. Therefore, I think some key questions are: What evidence supports the effectiveness of immersive learning in achieving specific learning outcomes? And how can immersive learning effectively facilitate the achievement of these objectives? Since I'm bringing the "effectiveness" element, then it's important to consider: What methods and techniques can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of immersive learning experiences?

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