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Choosing your topics as a reviewer (PC member)

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The topics based on the iLRN conference tracks and branch houses (https://www.immersivelrn.org/initiatives/houses-of-application/) will be used to assign papers to you for review, so that you can review the papers which fit your areas of expertise and interest. If you do not set your topics of interest in the system, we assume that you are open to review submissions from all topics.

When you log in to EasyChair, you should be able to see iLRN2024 as your conference, and your role in it as a PC member in the respective track, for example like this:


In this view, you might see more than one conference, if you have used EasyChair in other conferences, or you may see multiple roles in the iLRN conference, for example if you are a PC member in multiple tracks or also submitted a paper as an author. If you do not see the iLRN PC member role that you think you should see, try clicking the "All roles" link in the top right corner (not in this screenshot). If you still do not see the role, you might still need to accept your invitation to the Program Committee. Contact conference@immersivelrn.org if you still have issues with finding the role.

IMPORTANT: If you are a PC member in multiple tracks, you need to set your topics in each of them.

When you click on the PC member role, you get to a view with multiple horizontal menu items on top, including "Submissions", "Reviews", etc. There, you should also find the item "Conference". When you hover over it, there is a drop-down menu with the option "My topics":


When you click on that, you get the option to choose the topics you would like to review, which are based on the iLRN tracks (see example below). You need to click the "Save selection" button to save the topics in your profile.


You can still change your topics until the papers are assigned.


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