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  • Zero-Waste Lifestyle Training

    Michael Hamaoka
    This fantastic training is facilitated by an AI Assistant on a pristine tropical island. You'll see some scary facts about plastic use and pollution. Then learn tips and tricks on leading a zero-waste lifestyle. You'll take an easy (promise!) pop quiz. Then do an interactive fun exercise - cleaning up the beach littered with trash. When you complete the task, you'll receive a 'Zero-Waste Ambassador' badge. Congratulations - your zero-waste journey has begun!
    Branch House: House 8. Nature & Environmental Sciences (NES), House 9. Workforce Development & Industry Training (WDIT), House 10. Self and Co-Regulated Learning with Immersive Learning Environments (SCILE)
    Learning Sectors: K-12 (Secondary), Higher Education, Vocational / Career & Technical Education, Workplace Training, Adult Education (Foundational), Informal / Community / Lifelong Learning
    Platform: WebGL, WebXR, or other web technology, Apple App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android)

    Click on the link to enter. Laptop/PC and Google Chrome are recommended for the best experience. Turn on your volume.

    Skills / Lessons Learned:
    Users see dire facts about pollution and plastic waste. They learn tips and tricks to reduce plastic use. They take part in an interactive hands-on assignment to clean up the beach - that is how they engage emotionally with the problem. When they are presented with a 'Zero Waste Ambassador' badge, not only are they empowered to change their own behaviors but they are inspired to become the change agents in their communities and organizations.

    Learner Engagement:
    People enter a 3D virtual world as avatars, watch a presentation, answer a pop quiz, perform tasks like picking up trash, etc. in the 3D world. Users can walk around the tropical island, enter the ocean, even ride a boat. The training is led by an AI Assistant.

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