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  • AI Imagery as Analysis

    Michael Hamaoka
    Genevieve Smith-Nunes explores AI at the intersection of visual arts and data analysis by producing over a dozen pieces of AI-generated artwork representing data visualizations that effectively emphasize intricate patterns and correlations that might elude detection in conventional data depictions and enabling educational researchers to communicate their findings in innovative ways, diverging from traditional print-based dissemination, and appealing to a broader audience.
    Branch House: House 3. Galleries, Libraries, Archives, & Museums (GLAM), House 5. STEM Education, House 9. Workforce Development & Industry Training (WDIT)
    Learning Sectors: K-12 (Secondary), Higher Education, Vocational / Career & Technical Education, Workplace Training
    Platform: WebGL, WebXR, or other web technology

    Simply visit this AI art gallery in Spatial and visit the installations. Reading Smith-Nunes’ corresponding paper published in the iLRN 2023 Conference proceedings provides for a more enriching and comprehensive experience: https://publications.immersivelrn.org/index.php/academic/article/view/81.

    Skills / Lessons Learned:
    The output from AI-imagery is exemplified through two specific images found in the gallery and included below. The first showcases the theme "body becomes data," drawn from participants' discussions. The figure of the ballerina on the right illustrates the body as data, resonating with statements about embodiment identified in the class.

    The second image represents the nature of biometrics within the body by creating a "pull-and-push sense of motion" (p. 3).

    Perhaps my biggest take away is the opportunity to visit another innovative instructional method in the classroom. The affordances of both VR and AI-generated art to teach what are often considered difficult and complex ideas, like data analysis continues to present itself.

    Learner Engagement:
    I don't know what to write here because I didn't find it immersive. I think perhaps if I was in the class..but taken out of context...a little help would be great.

    Screen Images:

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