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Session 20B: WIP Posters (US/AUS time zone friendly) EXPO HALL



Event details

CHAIR: Daniel Lindenberger (The University of British Columbia, Canada)
LOCATION: Virbela, Expo Hall
Work in Process: Immersive Reality Simulator, a Proposal to Support Siderurgy Processes
Exponenself: Exploring and Strengthening Your Cultural Identity from Virtual Reality to Reality
Work-in-Progress—Exploring the Effectiveness of Multi-User Basic Workflow Assessment Training in Web XR
Using Feedback to Support Learning Statistics in Higher Education Within a Game-Based Learning Environment
The Metaverse Campus: Transforming Learning for International Students
Simulation Training and Preparedness of Fellows in Reproductive Medicine: Comparing Value of Hybrid Workshops with Loan Programs
Mystery of the Lehigh Gap: Summary of the Visual Aspects Designed and Developed for the Dialogue System for Desktop VR Game
Independently Supporting Learners in VR with an AI-enabled Non-Player Character (NPC)
The Role of Virtual Reality in Distance Learning: An Examination of the Efficacy on Student Learning Outcomes, Social Presence, and Collaborative Learning.
Empathetic Chatbot: Enhancing Medical Education with Artificial Intelligence
Action Research on Exploring the Educational Use of VR Platform in Art Education
Gamification System Design for Promoting Heterophily in Accounting Education
Applying Virtual Reality (VR) for Immersive Experiential Learning in Underserved Rural Schools
Teachers’ integration of Immersive Virtual Reality in Enhancing Mathematics Competence among High School Students in an Online Learning Environment: A Narrative Review
Work-in-Progress—Review of the Application of the Spherical Video-Based Virtual Reality in Education: A Case Study of EduVenture-VR and Its Use in Chinese Language Education
Immersive Technology-Enhanced Learning System Design in Civil Engineering Education
Work-in-Progress—Using Virtual Reality to Drive Social Inclusion for Children on the Autism Spectrum in West Africa
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