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Tour the Future of Education: A Stroll through Content and Creation



The education system is rapidly changing as the globe and technology continue to change. There will probably be some kind of hybrid learning in the metaverse for the upcoming generation of pupils. A co-founder of VEDX in 2020 has stepped up to help schools create VR labs at their institutions in order to meet this challenge. The business focuses on the global adoption of virtual reality, providing students with immersive and engaging learning opportunities. VEDX is dedicated to granting access to cutting-edge technology that will improve the future of education because of its strong confidence in the transformative potential of VR technology.

About Jay Schnoor: Jay Schnoor has dedicated his life to international education and VR. He believes the next generation of students in the world will have some form of hybrid learning in the Metaverse, which is why he co-founded VEDX in 2020. His company focuses on VR Deployment across the world and is working to help schools make VR labs a reality at their institutions.

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