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Exploring the Boundless Possibilities of Immersive Education




Come along as Jackie Lee explores the virtually endless potential of immersive learning. New technologies like virtual reality and the Metaverse have removed physical obstacles from schooling. We'll look at how immersive learning is changing the way people learn and opening up new options for both teachers and students.

About Dr. Lee:  
Jackie Lee, Ph.D. is a cross-disciplinary inventor in VR/AR, learning, and Affective Computing. He worked on Intel's RealSense 3D cameras and Project Alloy (the first all-in-one VR headset). He did biosensing and behavioral research at the Affective Computing Group at MIT Media Lab. He did his master thesis focusing on Spatial User Interface and Augmented Reality. Jackie is the recipient of the Virtual World Society's Nextant Rising Star Prize at AWE 2020. He is part of the Oculus Launch Pad 2020 program and a two-time recipient of Epic Games' MegaGrants.

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