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Bringing immersive in: Current field advancements bringing a new dawn to our everyday lives


Michael Hamaoka

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Boris Terrano, is currently a visiting professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he introduces young critical minds to the endless potential of immersive technology. Debating the possibilities of bringing machine learning technology into the everyday home, he claims he is on the way to creating "the next Alexa or Google Home" 2021. He poses the question “Why should other immersive technologies not be accessible to all" 2021. 

The founder of GTech Collective, Boris is an innovative humanitarian, well known for his work with young computer science technologists from under-represented communities. Over the last few years the GTech Collective have successfully trained over 680 early career programmers, all supplied for on bursaries. 

Dr Terrano is an AI enthusiast, he has 6 robotic dogs at home! On weekends he’s a regular at the local Badminton Club. 


GENESIS (15).pngGenesis is a brand of artificial intelligence software which can analyse and bring to life personal traits and skills. After a few simple tests, upload your data to genesis and Dr. Terrano claims to be able to recreate another you.

“Genesis has the potential to change the world and bring a new dawn to artificial intelligence.” - Dr. Boris Terrano, University of Waterloo, 2022


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