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Session 28B: T9. Workforce Development & Industry Training (WDIT) & T.10 SCILE ZOOM


CHAIR: Daniela Pedrosa (University of Aveiro & CIDTFF, Portugal)
LOCATION: Zoom, researchers
Role of adaptation phase in educational results of Virtual Reality communication training for managers
PRESENTER: Dmitriy Vinitskiy

ABSTRACT. Adaptation to new devices and interfaces is actively studied by user experience and human-computer interaction specialists but is typically neglected by organizers and researchers of corporate training with virtual reality. The study tests how the adaptation phase to technology affects the educational outcome and cognitive load. For the study, 102 people (35.3 ± 11.2 years old), including students and working managers, were trained to give feedback to a colleague. They were divided into three groups: general adaptation, specialized adaptation for communication training, and no adaptation. EEG was used to measure cognitive load score. As a result, it was found that both groups with pre-adaptation showed higher educational outcomes and experienced less cognitive load during the main training. No difference was found between the types of adaptation.

Immersive Educational Recycling Assistant (ERA): Learning Waste Sorting in Augmented Reality

ABSTRACT. For a sustainable living, it is everyone's responsibility to do our best at recycling. However, waste classification can be complex. The existing resources may not have sufficient information or dynamic feedback to resolve our everyday garbage disposal. In this work, we design an interactive mobile Augmented Reality (AR) application, Educational Recycling Assistant (ERA), to educate people in doing sound day-to-day waste management. ERA utilizes dynamic object detection and provides in-situ guidance for proper garbage disposal. A user study was designed and conducted to investigate the effects and the user experiences. We found that the users achieved significantly higher garbage binning accuracy with the ERA app. The participants also improved their recycling and garbage disposal knowledge after using the app, particularly in complex items.

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