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Women on the Frontlines of XR: An XR Women Panel


Jule Krüger

Event details

XR Women has been holding meetings in XR Women Hall on the iLRN Campus every week since November 2020. In this panel, members of the XR Women community will describe the cutting-edge work they do in XR and Web3. They will trace their path into the field and the skills they brought with them as well as others they gained along the way, how educators can prepare students for careers in immersive tech, and how technology will shape our lives and work going forward. These women live and work in the XR future today, across a wide range of fields including game design, music, live events, art, Web 3, education, training for enterprise, brand experiences, museums and community building. You will hear how immersive learning is at the center of our activities and feel empowered to experiment with how immersive learning will impact your students, groups, and community organizations. Learning is life-long, and iRLN allows for more!

Karen Alexander (XRconnectED / MetaVRse, USA)
Paige Dansiner (Third Academy, USA)
Celeste Lear (Boutique Electronique Music, USA)
Robin Moulder (3lbXR, USA)

Chair: Sarah Barker (Creative Media Hub, USA)

This event is part of the iLRN2023 Online Conference.
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