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The iLRN2023 “Framework for Aggregation and Identification of Design Standards” (FAIDS) Workshop Series



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What are the biggest design obstacles currently faced by the iLRN community? How do we quickly develop a shared understanding of these issues? As we begin working on these challenges, how do we allow interdisciplinary synergies to flourish? 

To answer these questions, the iLRN working group for the “Framework for Aggregation and Identification of Design Standards” (FAIDS) is running a two-part workshop at the iLRN 2023 annual meeting, one for the online virtual portion and another during the in-person conferences. This will be a continuation of the work that began at the annual meeting in 2022 in Vienna, where the FAIDS working group engaged in-person attendees to identify and describe “standards for the development and implementation of immersive learning environments,” which is summarized in the two-page proceedings document (https://immersivelrn.org/resources/ilrn-publications-proceedings/70/ilrn2022-synthesis-of-faids-workshops). 

The two-part iLRN2023 workshop will provide an opportunity for the iLRN community to discover a topic we want to better understand and then collaboratively explore that topic. Using the design thinking methodology developed for the conference in Vienna, FAIDS will guide attendees of the virtual conference in an ideation session, which will result in a topic to be more thoroughly explored by a large portion of the in-person attendees in California. This will allow the iLRN community to determine a large, pressing issue for which we are all interested in developing language and standards towards a shared understanding. The results of this workshop will be published in a proceedings document and/or paper by the FAIDS working group.

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