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VR beyond the Surgical Suite: Training for Patient Care & Safety



Healthcare organizations carry the responsibility to ensure caregivers demonstrate competency to maintain the highest standards of patient safety and quality of care. A lapse in that care can result in serious physical and emotional harm to the patient, and financial repercussions for the healthcare organization. The burden of education and training is overwhelming for the healthcare industry. Ever-changing protocols and standards, nursing shortages and constant turnover, and limited resources - including educators, training spaces, supplies, and equipment - complicates this herculean task. Finding alternative methodology to train caregivers with efficiency and measurable effectiveness is paramount. 3lbXR has developed a suite of VR training applications, partnered with Tucson Medical Center, for Registered Nurses and Primary Care Technicians. This project includes a module on Fall Prevention, which is currently part of a research study “Using Virtual Reality to Advance Education & Training for Nursing.” Robin Moulder will provide insight on how 3lbXR designed, implemented, and on boarded hospital staff, developed an academic study with our research partner to further VR initiatives for patient safety and quality, as well her thoughts on the future uses of XR technologies for training in the medical field.

About Robin Moulder

Robin Moulder is the CEO of 3lbXR and 3lb Games. As a pioneer of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robin led 3lb Games into the XR space with the Galactic planet-destroying game Space Dragon for Rift, the highly rated Movement system for Oculus, Slime Rancher VR Playground, and VR trainings and simulations for medical and manufacturing applications. She has previously served as President of an internet incubator, CTO of a technology manufacturing incubator, Director of a major consulting company, consultant and engineer serving Fortune 100 and 500 clients in medical, education, manufacturing, supply chain management and communications. Combining those experiences, Robin recently launched 3lbXR, an incubator that forges partnerships with companies to make their XR vision a reality. 3lbXR accelerates development by partnering with subject matter experts and building solutions aimed at successful outcomes for their business, as well as providing go-to market strategies for wide-spread commercialization. 3lbXR builds the highest quality immersive experiences using proprietary rapid development tools and production pipeline process, leveraged from 12+ years of game development experience with 3lb Games.

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